Dr Miriam Bartlett is happy to see patients with all types of Diabetes, including patients on insulin pumps.

What to Bring to Your Appointment
When you come to your appointment it is recommended that you bring the following:
  • blood glucose meter (if you have one)
  • record of recent blood sugars (if available)
  • list (or boxes) of all current medication, including insulin if relevant
  • NDSS registration details (if registered)
  • copy of your most recent blood tests (eg. HbA1c) if available - or details of when/where tests were done.
  • Medicare Card
  • Contact details of your GP & all other specialists that you usually see

In the Mooroolbark rooms there is also a Diabetes Nurse Educator (Susan Quirk) and a Dietitian (Cheryl Olney). Susan sees patients with all types of Diabetes but doesn’t currently start patients on insulin pumps. Cheryl is happy to see patients including those on insulin pumps.

Other Questions?
Please call 9725-3003 with any other questions that you have.